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Actividad subvencionada
por el Ministerio de Cultura

I-Systems’ Plataforma e-Books

The on line platform for the sale of electronic books and magazines satisfies the publishing sector’s growing need to strengthen its presence on the Internet by adding the sale of electronic books and magazines to already existing sales solutions.

I-Systems E-book platform offers the Spanish publishing sector an essential tool to adjust to the new business models introduced by the Internet. It can help both the expansion of electronic commerce in publishing and the development of the on line market for electronic books and magazines.

The Solutions

  • Companies subscribed to Plataform E-Books can make it a part, as a no name brand, of commerce solutions they may already have. It facilitates the entire sales procedure, including the collection of payments.
  • It is an electronic commerce module integrated through I-Systems’ app (IS-[Portal]) into the Web Portals for publishing companies and book stores, and it incorporates the Online Platform for the Sale of Digital Books and Magazines.
  • It facilitates the expansion of the commercial network for book across the entire Internet, making available tools for the marketing and sales of publications on the world wide web.
  • Products can be commercialized through the Platform, either protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) or not.

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